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Welcome to the Stock Monster home page. Stock Monster aims to be one of the best tools any stock market trader could possibly have.

What's  New

  • Updated web site
  • Updated CVS

A Little History

A while ago a few of my friends asked me to share my financial data i use for programming. I
have been scouring the web for a few years now downloading the best i can get. Unfortunately
this information is not really easily transportable. No Vehicle exists yet to easily do this.

This is the hole that i will initially hope to fill with
Stock Monster.

A Messenger styled utility program that will download automatically as up to date information as is readily possible and will spit it out into whatever format the user requires.

  • Online Forum
  • Online help Section
  • Data Error Reporting.
  • Bells and whistles as required

Key Milestones

  • December -  Have the program mapped out.
  • January - Get the server up and running.
  • Febuary - Complete the first client program.

The future.

Although the data gap is a huge hole to fill, it is by no means the end of the project. NO WAY, it's just the beginning. Using that financial data we hope to create an even better set of utilities. Here is a current list of what i've got in mind.

  • Portfolio Manager with Multiple portfolios
  • Charting package.
  • Super Duper Backtester.
  • Neural Network Stock Selection.

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